Animal Rights

Lorraine agrees with stricter penalties for animal abuse and neglect. She volunteered for a number of years with several animal rescue organizations. This is an issue close to her heart.

Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation

In 2011, Ohio became the first, and is still the only, state to sell a prison to a private company. Lorraine will work to bring an end to the for-profit prison system in Ohio. Lorraine supports measures that would direct non-violent drug offenders to treatment rather than to prison and reduce the number of those incarcerated. She believes that we should prioritize prosecution of offenses that involve weapons, actual physical violence, and threats of violence towards others.

Domestic Abuse

Lorraine knows the real-life impact of domestic violence and the lack of resources and protection. She is a survivor of domestic violence and she worked for a number of years in domestic violence shelters and advocacy organizations. She strongly supports criminal justice reform that addresses the prosecution and punishment for domestic violence offenders. She further supports programming that empowers and supports survivors of domestic abuse. 

Economy / Job Creation

Lorraine believes in jobs and wages that can sustain a family and taxes that work for everyone, not just the wealthy. We must invest in our communities and infrastructure to create local jobs.

Environmental Issues

Lorraine believes in embracing clean energy and protecting our precious waterways.


Lorraine believes students should be able to attend safe, high-quality schools no matter where they live. She knows that affordable vocational and higher education are essential; and she will work to implement a constitutional funding system that does not rely solely on property taxes and reforms the for-profit charter school system.

  • School Funding – Lorraine will work to implement a constitutional funding system that does not rely solely on property taxes and reforms the for-profit charter school system.
  • School Safety – Lorraine supports increasing mental health resources in our public schools, increased funding to ensure schools are safe and secure.
  • Charter Schools – Charter schools do not meet the same standards as public schools and have the lowest graduation rates in the country. In Stark county alone, Charter schools have taken over 14 million dollars in public school funding over the last 6 years, yet they have failed to demonstrate overall educational success for students.
    Poor accountability and corruption led to the collapse of the ECOT charter school, which left thousands of students two years behind on average and without a school. Lorraine believes that tax-funded education should meet rigorous standards and the charter system has failed to do that.
  • ECOT- Loraine will hold ECOT accountable and collect the millions of dollars they stole from Ohio taxpayers. She will reform the charter school system and bring an end to for-profit education.
  • Teacher support – Lorraine feels too many decisions have been made regarding education without weighing the knowledge and input from the experts in the field: the educators themselves.
  • State educational scorecards – Lorraine does not feel the scorecards adequately reflect the progress or educational success of a school district. They fail to take in to account the unique needs of individual communities. Lorraine supports developing a system of accountability for schools that is transparent and monitors a spectrum of factors that contribute to success. She also supports a system that empowers schools to improve rather than penalizing them for lack of growth or success.


Lorraine believes in the dignity and rights of all people, regardless of who they love. She believes decisions impacting families should be made by families, not by the government.

Good Governance

Lorraine believes government should represent everyone and put people over politics and profits.

  • Gerrymandering – Lorraine worked with Fair Districts to put the anti-gerrymandering initiative on the ballot in May, which passed. Drawing fair district maps is a priority for Lorraine and she will work to ensure that the General Assembly makes it a priority as well.

Gun Safety

Lorraine will defend our 2nd Amendment rights, however she feels it is time for solutions that make our homes, streets, and schools safer. She believes we can take preventative steps that will save lives without infringing on the right to own a firearm. She supports red flag laws, universal background checks, banning bump stocks once and for all, reduction in high velocity weapons, and banning convicted domestic abusers from gun ownership.


Healthcare costs continue to rise impacting hard-working Ohioans in every stage of life. Lorraine would like to expand affordable access to healthcare, protect the Medicaid expansion, and protect those with pre-existing conditions.

Net Neutrality

Lorraine is for net neutrality and would support measures to restore and protect it on the state level.


The opioid crisis affects everyone. Lorraine believes we should address this as a healthcare issue. She believes that we should be expanding healthcare, mental-health and addiction services, and not further criminalizing and stigmatizing those affected.

Opioid Treatment /Chronic Pain

Lorraine feels a punitive response to drug addiction and the overwhelming opioid crisis in Ohio have inadvertently hurt those suffering from chronic pain, cancer, and other illnesses where pain medication is prescribed. She believes Ohio needs to support evidence-based solutions to end the opioid crisis and allow responsible doctors to prescribe pain medication where indicated. In addition, she supports medical marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain patients which has shown to be effective in clinical studies.


Lorraine supports re-examining the tax code and making adjustments that allow for opportunity for all people. Our current tax code unfairly burdens the middle and working class. Although this format does not allow us to expound on too many details, Lorraine supports exploring options like lowering the state sales tax, reinstating the estate tax, and reinstating the full homestead tax exemption. She believes we need to explore options that more equitably distribute tax responsibilities.


Lorraine is the daughter of a life-long labor union member. She stands with unions and workers’ rights.

Women’s Health

Lorraine feels that decisions regarding women’s healthcare should be made by the woman affected and her family, not by the government.  Lorraine will fight any attempt to limit women’s healthcare.


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