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Next Level; Trump’s election spurs women to run vs. Schuring, Oelslager, Canton Repository







In this episode, Kelly speaks with first-time political candidates: Sharon Fairley, who is running for Illinois Attorney General (1:19); Jolene Loetscher, who is running for Mayor of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (16:10); Erin Zwiener, who is running for Texas House District 45 (29:40); Lorraine Wilburn, who is running for Ohio House District 48, with Lauren Friedman, who is running for Ohio Senate District 29 (48:00); Ann Gillespie, who is running for Illinois Senate District 27 (1:06:23); and Sarah Kader, who is running for City Council in Tempe, Arizona (1:18:19). Listen here.



Facebook is a double-edged sword. It has been Russia’s main source for spreading misinformation in the US, but it also became the place where shell-shocked progressives went to find communal support after the political earthquake that was 2016. Within weeks of the election, groups comprised of individuals who once thought they were the only liberals in town were now booming with hundreds of members, with most finding each other by spreading the message through social media. Lorraine Wilburn started her group, Action Together Stark, by responding to a simple post in Pantsuit Nation asking if there was anyone in her area that would like to meet up and commiserate. Action Together Stark now has almost 1,000 members that are working tirelessly to organize, connect, educate, and elect new candidates. After searching for people to represent them, they started looking towards each other and realized that if they really wanted better-elected officials, they had to do it themselves. Listen here.



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